About Blenda

I’ve been a software trainer for eight years, and many are surprised when they learn that the majority of my teaching is done virtually over the internet. Some of the common questions I get asked are…

  • How do you know your students are paying attention?
  • If you train virtually, what substitutes for body language?
  • How do you make your classes interesting?
  • How do you connect with your learners?
  • Are students resistant to this format of training?

This blog looks at topics surrounding these questions including: Active Learning, Positive Learning Environments, Motivational Strategies, Classroom Management, Questioning, Learning how to Learn, and Thinking Skills (Creative, Critical and Meta-Cognition). Read the first post for how the blog is organized. Do you have a question? I can post it on my blog and share my experiences! As well, other readers can provide insights in the comments section!

I’m currently the manager of a training department in a software company that services market research professionals across all industries (finance, retail, publishing, technology, etc.). I have also trained sales, production and accounting professionals in the publishing and media industry as well as sales reps in the construction industry. ReflectionEDU is about reflecting upon my experiences as a teacher and a student…teachers never stop learning anyhow.

I have completed the Marketing & Sales Diploma program at Langara College. Also, I have a degree in Business concentrating in Marketing with a minor in Communication (completed at Simon Fraser University). I am currently enrolled in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College, and also the Technical Writing program at British Columbia Institute of Technology.

During my free time, I enjoy yoga, running and knitting. If you would like to learn more about this, visit my other blog at http://blubluberries.blogspot.com or visit my knitting website at http://www.blubluberries.com.

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